Beatin’ on Bowyer

Beatin' on Bowyer It would seem that Clint Bowyer isn't going to win over any Jimmie Johnson or Jeff Gordon fans right now. During the restart of the Green-White-Checkered at Martinsville this weekend Bowyer, on fresh tires, dove under the Jeff Gordon while he was battling Jimmie Johnson, both of whom were on older tires, for the lead. What happened next changed the course of the race. Bowyer bounced off of the curb and right into the side of Gordon's car who then slid up into Johnson and sent him spinning into the wall. Gordon then came back down and took out Bowyer sending him looping out of Turn Two. Ryan Newman just happened to be at the right place at the right time and took the lead after the leaders were wrecking in turns one and two. But was Newman really a positive recipient of the Bowyer mistake or was he an active participant? You see, Newman actually peaked under Bowyer on the re-start and when Bowyer moved down to block him Newman bumped into his rear end propelling Bowyer a little into the corner a little faster than he wanted to go and the rest, as they say, is history. So, is it justified that Bowyer takes all of the blame for the carnage that took out half of the Hendrick racing organiztion and damaging another quarter (Dale Jr actually got some damage on the right side of his car as Gordon careened off of Bowyers car into his)? According to Newman it is; "Clint put 'em three-wide, bounced off the curb and jumped up into 'em, from what I saw. That's what caused everything. I was going to make a run on Clint to do the same thing he was trying to do to Jeff. But Clint blocked me and I hit him right at the start-finish line and that kind of propelled him up to where he got up into the 24 car once they got to the corner. It worked out to my favor. I mean, it wasn't intended to be that way -- but it definitely worked out to my favor." Personally I think this should be looked at as just another racing incident, which isn't that uncommon at Martinsville. I mean Gordon and Johnson both had used tires on while Bowyer didn't. Newman tried to make a move on Bowyer and he blocked Newman. Newman hit Bowyer who as a result bounced off of the curb right into Gordon who then bounced off of Bowyer into Johnson. Just another racing incident if you ask me, nothing more and nothing less.

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