NASCAR Ranting and Raving Welcomes NASCAR VLogger KAITLYN VINCIE


I just want to take this opportunity to introduce you all to Kaitlyn Vincie who is going to be doing a weekly Vlog post at NASCAR RnR.  Kaitlyn started her own vlog and web site earlier this race season which I noticed throughFacebook and Twitter.

Having a Vlog at NASCAR RnR is something that I have always wanted to have and do, even before joining SBN, and after following Kaitlyn’s vlog for the past few months I feel that what she has to offer is the kind of vlog that I was thinking about having in the first place.  And don’t be surprised to see her write the odd post or two from time to time as she is a pretty good scribe too.

Kaitlyn’s credentials speak for themselves.  She has had on-air experience as a pit reporter at Langley Speedway for the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series and has even interviewed Jeff Burton via satellite on live T.V.

Please welcome Kaitlyn to our community and I hope you all enjoy having her here at NASCAR RnR.  Please see Kaitlyn’s welcome video below – Bob (aka 4ever3).

NASCAR Ranting and Raving Welcomes NASCAR VLogger KAITLYN VINCIE


NASCAR Ranting and Raving Welcomes KAITLYN VINCIE (via kaitlynvincie)

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