Parts of Denny Hamlin’s Car Confiscated by NASCAR

Denny Hamlin

After his third place finish at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Race this weekend, NASCAR confiscated parts of Denny Hamlin’s car. They warned that he might have some penalties after they inspect them. A spokesman for NASCAR, Kerry Tharp explained that

NASCAR Indy Qualifying Dominated by Harvick

Kevin Harvick

Qualifying for the Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis was dominated by Kevin Harvick which allowed him to achieve his fourth pole position of the season. The drover managed to get the top time in all three sections of the qualifying with

No Big Changes for NASCAR Next Season


The NASCAR Chairman, Brian France has said that there will not be a big change to the NASCAR schedule next season. This may not be welcomed by all of the drivers as there were some that were looking forward to

NASCAR Races at Brickyard This Weekend

NASCAR Brickyard

The brickyard is probably as famous for the kiss by Dale Jarrett on the bricks back in 1996 when he won the historic race. It is now the 21st Sprint Cup race taking place there and it will be interesting

NASCAR Driver Dale Earnhardt Jr Gives Twitter Dating Advice

Dale Earnhardt Jr

Dale Earnardt Jr really enjoys his twitter account and used it to report on his racing and other things. However, he is now using it for giving dating advice. It was on Wednesday morning when he was sent a message

NASCAR Chairman Confused by New Race Teams Alliance

New Race Teams Alliance

The Chairman and CEO of NASCAR, Brian France has said that he is not sure that the new Race Teams Alliance will be very effective. He went as far as to say that he thought it might even hold the

First Decade in NASCAR for Brad Keselowski


Brad Keselowski is now celebrating a decade as a NASCAR driver. He has had ups and downs in his career, including a massive wreck in 2010 which he managed to walk away from. In 2004 he started his NASCAR career

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Mid Season Driver Review


We have already taken a look at the various teams and how well they are doing so far in the NASCAR Sprint Cup season now it is half way through. Now it is time to take a look at the

Mid Season NASCAR Sprint Series Review


This weekend marks a rest for the Sprint Cup NASCAR drivers and so it is the perfect time to reflect on the season so far and see how well all of the teams have been doing so far. Team Penske

NASCAR Mourns Loss of Dr John Melvin – Safety Pioneer

Dr John Melvin

Dr John Melvin was a safety consultant for NASCAR for the last 13 years. He sadly passed away on Thursday and was very well known in the NASCAR community although not so much with fans themselves. Dr Melvin was a

Changes to NASCAR Chase Race Cars


NASCAR have revealed some changes that will be made to the cars that qualify for the Chase Grid. In the new rules of NASCAR there will be 16 cars that qualify for this and this will be determined by the

Tyre Troubles for Jimmie Johnson


The no 48 NASCAR team have seen tyre troubles in the past and this weekend’s race brought back some very bad memories for them. Their driver, Jimmie Johnson saw a number of problems at the weekend with his tyres. He