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I do is listen to NASCARchannel…

As I was I teenager I remember my dad always, always listen to 740 AM talk show. He would not change it and let us listen to music. Now that am 53 years old I see myself like him because

NASCAR decides Five New Members for Hall of Fame

On May 20th, the NASCAR Hall of Fame voting panel was in discussion as to who will be sworn in for 2016. From a choice of 20, the NASCAR panel had to pick 5 of the best options. The five

NASCAR Film Coming Out Called Racer’s Heart

Posse Films have announced that they will be making a film about a legendary NASCAR driver. The film will be caller ‘Racer’s Heart’ and it will be focussed around Bobby Allison who was a NASCAR pioneer and is also in

NASCAR Pundit Jumps Shark

We all get things wrong. Whether we are bloggers, so-called pundits, denizens of the main stream media or just plain members of NASCAR Nation that post on blogs and forums. In a way wrong is good, it shows an attempt

More NASCAR Punditry Flung off the Rails into a Ditch

As seen in my preceding post when it comes to punditry, whether it be of the NASCAR variety or political/social, it must come with at least a modicum of truthfulness. If not you’re just a hack with a license to

Like a “Hannibal” Smith Plan, Sometimes Themes Come Together

Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith, the fictional character in the 1980s action/adventure TV series The A-Team, was famous for using the tagline; “I love it when a plan comes together.” Sometimes blog posts drop out of the sky, or the stars

Nationwide Series: Death of a Myth?

Congratulations to Carl Edwards who won the pole for today’s Nationwide event at Fontana. Edwards was joined in the top ten by Roush-Fenway teammates Greg Biffle (5th) and David Ragan (8th). In looking through the starting line-up I may have

Last Lap Passes, I Don’t Need no Stinkin’ Last Lap Passes!

How it was in February 21, 2009: With a No. 51 Toyota truck that absolutely dominated the competition Saturday at Auto Club Speedway, polesitter Kyle Busch streaked to a 9.023-second victory over Todd Bodine, last week’s winner at Daytona, in

Some Observations of Saturday Night’s Race

Well I barely managed to stay awake through the Bud Shootout Saturday, not because it was boring but because my son is sick and he had us up at about 5:30 am – not to mention I’m a little under

Training To Work Among NASCAR Motorsports Finest

A garage technician might have big dreams of working around NASCAR racecars but will keep those dreams in check because they know they are not trained to work on that equipment or any other high performance engines for that matter.

Nascar: Stewart Achieves His First Victory Of The Year At

Tony Stewart survived to a pair of dangerous accidents and a leader record figure to win the AMP Energy 500 on Sunday. Stewart contained the strong attack of the rookie Regan Smith who in the last lap did a reckless

This Is Not Nascar

If you think of these numbers who do you think of? 9 20 or God Bless 3? If youre thinking Casey Kahne Tony Stewart or Dale Earnhardt then not only are you at the wrong race but youre also about