This Weekend’s Race Preview: September 21

This Weekend's Race Preview: September 21The weekend’s almost here, and with that comes some fantastic races. NASCAR’s reaching two raceways this weekend and we have the skinny on each of them! First up, the Kentucky Speedway.

The Kentucky Speedway opened in 2000. Right before the track opened, it had to be resurfaced. The winter before the construction had caused some bad bumps on that track that would be bad for driving. Fortunately, the track was opened in June 16 with the Slim Jim All Pro Series Event.

In August of 2010, the Sprint Cup arrived at the Kentucky Speedway and suffered numerous logistical problems including horrible traffic, inadequate parking, and a port-a-john shortage. Even the concession stands were running low due to the incredible number of people who showed up. In order to fix some of the problems, the speedway bought more land for parking which should hopefully be used for this weekend’s races.

It’s a tri-oval track 1.5 miles long with four turns banking at 14 degrees on the turn, 8-10 degrees at the tri-oval, and four degrees on the straight. The track record for the Sprint Cup is held by Kyle Busch at 2:56:30. For the Nationwide Series, it’s 2:12:14 which is held by Bobby Hamilton, Jr. Finally, the Camping world Truck series track record is held by Mike Bliss at 1:34:04.

This weekend the Kentucky Raceway will host the Kentucky 300 and the Kentucky 201.

The New Hampshire Motor Speedway opened in June 5 of 1990. It was originally the site of the Bryar motorsports Park before it was redeveloped by Bob Bahre. It’s also one of the eight tracks owned and operated by Speedway Motorsports.

The track itself is asphalt and granite and it’s just barely over a mile long (1.058mi). The oval track has variable banking at the turns with 2/7 degrees, and 1 degree at the straightaways. The lap recor is currently held by Andre Ribeiro from the CART PPG IndyCar world Series.

This weekend the New Hampshire Motor Speedway will hows the Sylvania 300.

Let’s see who’s racing!

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