All eyes on Johnson’s #48 car at Martinsville

The question headed into the race at Martinsville Speedway this week is: “Will Jimmie Johnson tighten his grip on a record-setting fourth consecutive Sprint Cup Championship?”

I don’t care what you say about Johnson, you can’t deny that he dominated the race last week in Charlotte N.C., at the track sponsored by the same company that is on the side of his race car – Lowes.


Johnson started on the pole, won the race, and kicked butt along the way; while other Chase contenders dropped like flies in the wake of Sunoco fumes exiting the tail pipe of his Hendrick-powered car.

Fellow Chase contenders Mark Martin and Juan Montoya had good days compared to some, but they were not championship calibre days.

Johnson’s latest win has sparked a debate about the reigning Sprint Cup champion, as he has won three of the first 5 Chase races.

The Internet is abuzz of whether or not Johnson should win a fourth championship – in a row no less – and how it isn’t/is good for NASCAR if he does.

Johnson’s domination of the championship in previous years, combined with his seemingly apparent domination this year, has polarized fans into two groups; those who want Johnson to win – and those who don’t.

Before I throw my two cents into this argument, let me make one thing perfectly clear. Johnson has not won the championship yet. The Chase is just at its halfway point, and there is a lot of racing still left, including Talladega, where anything can happen.

With that said, let me espouse my not-so-expert opinion; after all I’m just a fan like you, too.

I’m really on the fence here, as I could care less if Johnson wins the championship or not.

It would be great to see Johnson win a record fourth consecutive championship, it would be history in the making for sure.

Other sports have had dynasties, the Edmonton Oilers in the 1980s come to mind, so why not NASCAR?

I mean NASCAR has had similar driver dominations in the past. Dale Earnhardt and Jeff Gordon dominated the 1990s with all of their championships, so what is so different about Jimmie Johnson’s performance?

He’s doing it in the Chase, while those other guys did it by the old point system.

So what? He and his team are driving and performing within the current rules, and I’m sure if NASCAR hadn’t switched to the Chase format, Johnson and his team would still be at the top of the standings right now; yes they’re that good.

And if Johnson doesn’t win the Championship at least someone else will be known as the one to break Johnson’s domination streak.

I personally hope if anyone is to do this it will be Mark Martin.

Not a very polarizing opinion here I know, but it certainly is an unbiased one – except for the Mark Martin part.

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