Getting ready for Daytona

OK race fans we here at NASCAR Ranting and Raving are hard at work trying to get some things done in the sponsorship portion of The Ricky Byers Racing for A Cure season.

We all are truly hoping to have some great news coming this weekend or the first of next week about a new sponsor for the February 6, 2010 race at Daytona International Speedway.

We are hoping to bring a sponsor on board and make an offical annoucement that we are going to Daytona to take our sponsors to the winners circle.

We tested at Daytona in December and were 8th fastest in Saturday morning practice out of 63 different drivers. We finished the weekend 19th overall and were never involved in the draft. We know if we would have been in the draft we would have definitely been in the top 3.

We concentrated  more on single car runs to get the setup to go win the race in February.

So lets all hope we can get this sponsor on board and go win some races and raise some money for Cancer Research.

If everyone can tune in I will be on Fox  6 news Friday night at 5,6 and 10 pm. If you can’t tune in we will have a link on my web site to the interview.

Hopefully Monday we will have a press conference about our new sponsor.

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