Open Race Thread: NASCAR Nationwide Series Dollar General 300 | Chicagoland Speedway

Hey I got this one up on time!  I must apologize again for not getting last night’s Open Race Thread up on time but as it turns out sometimes there are more important things in life than racing, like family.  I’ll leave it at that.

So we now turn to the Nationwide Series for our major source of motorsports entertainment for today and I’m liking it.  This is truly turning into an interesting battle for the Driver’s Championship.  I just wish that the Cup regulars weren’t involved in these last seven races so that we can see the top Nationwide-only contenders battle it out and not lose points to the Cup guys, or worse yet get caught up in some Cup guy’s temper tantrum and get knocked out of the race because the Cup-guy thought he was wronged somehow.  Like Rusty Wallace says, “I’ll tell you what,” the only thing wrong is having a Cup guy in the Nationwide Series poaching points & prize money and wrecking cars.

If you haven’t had the chance to read Troy’s preview for the race I suggest you do so.  It can be found directly below this post, or by clicking here.

The starting line-up was not yet set when I wrote this so here is the qualifying order instead (via

Hope to see you all on the other side of the jump – in the comment area of course.

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