Welcome home, Race Fans.

What can I say about Charlotte. It is here, as I have said before that all Race Fans have a home track. Charlotte is where it all comes back around. And, the drivers don’t go in circles, but they all come back to that same start/finish line. Charlotte hosted the first Strictly Stock race in 1949; it carries two races each year as well as one of the best races of the season, the All Star race; it is the place where almost all of the teams come home to roost, it is the home of new NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Charlotte, North Carolina is the spiritual and historic home, both, of all those involved in NASCAR.

And really, it is all of North Carolina. There, we have some of the best (though no longer on the schedule) tracks in NASCAR. The Rock is legendary. North Wilkesboro is both legend and historic and is truly one of the foundation tracks of our sport. Luckily, both tracks have been saved by those who have a passion for racing that expands beyond television numbers and “realignment” woes. Bowman-Gray is the stock car racing hero of the History Channel. (My word, if you have never seen a race at Bowman-Gray, you’re life is sadly missing something. At least watch Mad House!) You can still visit Occoneechee, a heck of a dirt track closed down by local teetotalers. It is now one of the most amazing walking paths. (Clicky! Visit! Occoneechee)

Down the road from the Queen City, in shade tree garages and on old dirt tracks legendary drivers were born and raised. And, of course raised hell. Well, most of them, with a hat tip to the Pettys.

So this week, instead of statistics and instead of track histories, let’s all settle in for some good old Saturday Night racing in Charlotte, North Carolina. I know we’re all at our home track, no matter what state our couches are actually in.

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