Biggest Interest Story So Far

I don’t know about you but I’ve been both interested and disinterested in the races at the beginning to this NASCAR season. I’ve been interested because the regular front runners seem to be struggling to stay in the top 10 yet I’ve been disinterested because I’ve found the races to not be that exciting.

Its not that I’m looking for huge crashes and stuff of the like but lately I’ve found that the races seem to hold my attention a little less than in the past. I can’t quite place my finger on it, but I’m sure it might be due to the lack of East Coast races at the start of this season. Aside from Daytona, Bristol, and Martinsville the rest of the races (including this week’s race at Kansas) have been out of the EST.

Perhaps this why there were so many empty seats at Bristol, lack of fan interest because the lion’s share of races thus far have all been more west. Perhaps if there were a few more races in the EST then more people would be interested in going to the races because they would have been following it more. I mean three of the first 8 races have been on the east coast while the other five races have been west of the Mississippi.

Besides my complaint about the lack of races on the east coast I’ve been interested in several story lines that have emerged so far this season. In no particular order;

  • The rise of MWR as a top 10 contender
  • The fact that Dale Jr is sitting 3rd in points
  • The fact that The Biff leads the points
  • Stewart Haas has won almost half of the points races so far this year
  • The struggles of Johnson, Gordon, Edwards, and The Kez
  • The fact that despite having two less starts than those around him in the points Mark Martin is sitting in 20th – the next driver who has fewer than 7 starts is Travis Kvapil who has 6 starts and sits 34th in points
  • The reversal of fines and penalties of the 48 car and crew members after the car failed pre-race inspection at Daytona

These are more of the significant story lines I’ve been interested in, there’s been more but these are the big ones that stand out for me. How about you? Do you agree with me or not? What do you think has been the most interesting story so far this year?

Also, would you agree with me about the interest level? Would you be following the Cup Series a little more if they had more races on the East coast than on the west coast? Let’s hear what you have to say – speak up!

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