NASCAR RnR’s Grassroots Racing Team Update: Frustration sets in

“Well, it was a rough night at the track Friday night. It started out O.K. with a second place in the heat race. When feature time rolled around there were three quick cautions for three wrecks

After getting the green the last time, the car was pretty good and we were making our way through traffic after starting fourteenth.

Heavy contact from another car lifted my car off the ground, what felt like three feet. Im pretty sure it knocked the rear end out of alignment because after that the car was just way too tight to do anything with. I think we salvaged a 6th place.

It’s not what we needed to keep the points leader in sight but there is lots of racing left.” – Brad Herron (Driver).

“I think it’s time to start racing these guys like they race us. Show them your not taking anymore crap, then they might think twice about doing it again. The biggest problem I have is guys that can’t pass without body slammin’ you . It’s the same guys every time and I really think that they don’t have a clue on how to execute a pass without touching.”  Jeff Todd (Crew Chief).

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