Anatomy of a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Car

In the past I have been asked to do more stories about the technology and rules involved in NASCAR so that the new fans, and even some of the older fans, know more about the cars they watch every week and the rules that govern them.  So over the next few weeks I’ll be giving you, free of charge, a lesson in NASCAR Tech and Rules.

Pull up a chair, sit down, and don’t distract those around you as NASCAR 101 is about to begin.

Today we start with the basic Sprint Cup Car (click here to enlarge):

Anatomy Cup Car 2010Hi_medium

Graphic courtesy of NASCAR.

Specs of the Sprint Cup Car are after the jump.


Eligible Models:  Chevrolet Impala SS, Dodge Charger, Ford Fusion,Toyota Camry

Years:  2009-2010

Engine:  Cast iron 358 cubic inch (max.) V8 with aluminum cylinder heads

Horsepower*:  850 @ 9000 RPM

Compression Ratio: 12:1

Torque:  550 ft/lb @ 7500 RPM

Induction:  One 4B Holley carburetor

Top Speed:  200 mph (est)

Transmission:  4-speed

Fuel:  Sunoco 260 GTX unleaded; 17.75-gallon capacity

Front Suspension:  Independent coil springs Upper, lower “A” frames


Rear Suspension:  Trailing arms, coil springs, panhard bar

Chassis:  Rectangular steel tubing w/integral roll cage

Body Length:  198.5 inches

Body Width:  74.0 inches

Height:  53.5 inches

Weight:  3450 lbs w/o driver

Front Air Dam/Splitter:  4.5 inches maximum

Gear Ratio:  3.64 to 6.33:1

Spoiler:  According to NASCAR specifications

Wheel Base:  110 inches

Wheels:  Steel 15″ x 9.5″

Tread Width:  61.5 inches (max.)

Front Brakes:  Disc

Rear Brakes:  Disc

* Specifications may vary for restrictor-plate races

+ Front splitter applies to NASCAR Sprint Cup and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series; front air dam applies to NASCAR Nationwide Series

Just so you can get an idea as to the difference between a Sprint Cup Car and the version you’d drive away with from your local dealership follow this link to the specs of a 2010 Chevy Impala and don’t forget to click on thedimensions link while you’re there as you’d be surprised at how close the dimensions of the Sprint Cup Car are to the factory production version ( ie. the wheel base is only different by 1/2 of an inch).

Next NASCAR 101 Post:  Anatomy of The New Nationwide Car – watch for it soon.

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