Racing for a Cure

Ok everyone, I am sorry I haven’t been on lately. I have been working over 18 hours a day on the sponsor hunt.    But I am here now and have a few things to post. I want to start of by saying thank you to 4 ever 3 you are one awesome individual. All of the things you have done to help me is amazing and I will never be able to thank you enough.

I want to update everyone on the things we are working on for our Race for a Cure in 2010.  We are in talks with the Susan G Komen Foundation and Children’s Cancer Research Fund  to partner with us and raise money for cancer research. We have put together a few programs to raise over 10 Million dollars for cancer research. We are looking for sponsors to get us on the track next year so we can make it happen. I made the decision also that I am going to donate all of my winning to cancer research. We are going to be doing weekly radio and television update about our cause and our donations.

I also want to let everyone know we have partnered with Hinchman Race Wear. Hinchman is going to supply us with all of our custom uniforms for 2010. Hinchman is a great company and have been making uniforms for over 80 years. You can visit there web-site at Hicnhman is the inavator of race uniforms.

We also have speedlox coming on board to help us in our cause of Racing for a Cure. Speedlox is manufactured by Phenix Industries. Speedlox won the New Product of the Year Award for performance Racing Category  at Sema.
Speedlox is the next generation in race plumbing and safety. You can visit there web-site at

 We will continue hunting for a primary sponsor to get us on  the track in 2010 so we can do everything possible to help find a cure for cancer. We will be promoting our sponsors and our cause ever chance we can. We have put things in place that have never been offered by a race team to help our sponsors with media attention and raise awareness and funds for cancer.

If anyone is interested feel free to contact us at anytime.

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