Robin Buck wins the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series race at the Trois-Rivieres road coarse

Despite racing in rain for the majority of the race, Robin Buck kept his car on track for his second win of the year

Robin Buck takes a victory lap after picking up his second victory of the 2011 season.
Credit: Matthew Murnaghan/NASCAR via

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So why didn’t Pole Sitter and road race ace Andrew Ranger win this race?  Because it was raining during the entire event and he was having visibility problems.  Kind of hard to have visibility problems in the rain if you’re leadingthe race right?  Well, it wasn’t the rain that was giving him the problems, it was the humidity – his front window kept fogging up on the inside and with no anti-fogging devices (i.e., fan) in these cars that can be a serious problem, even a dangerous one.

Oh, but this story gets better and honestly, if this isn’t a sign of Ranger’s driving ability I don’t know what is.

Andrew came into the pits on lap two because he couldn’t see a thing.  His crew gave him a squeegee to clean his window with while driving.  Ranger then proceeded to tear through the field from virtually last place, in the pouring rain, while wiping off his window on the straightaways and during caution periods and still managed to finish in second place.

“I had to pit early because I couldn’t see anything,” Ranger said after the race. “They gave me a squeegee and it helped a lot. I gave it all I could on that last restart, but (Buck) was too good today.”

Even though Andrew will be in a slightly less competitive car than the Hendrick/Roush/Gibbs/Penske cars I can’t wait to see how he does at The ‘Glen later this week.  If he scores any where near fifteenth place I’d say he would be successful in his first Cup race.

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