Spring is upon us…

Hello Friends and Fans!


I realize it has been a while, and I apologize for not keeping you updated better lately…   We have been busy here at Ricky Byers Racing, still trying to rustle up our primary sponsorship to get out on the track and make a difference by RACING FOR A CURE!

Ricky Byers Racing is very grateful to the associate sponsors who have already come alongside us in our endeavor to take a stand against cancer, including a new brand with which we are currently discussing partnership.  Watch for a possible announcement about this exciting news soon!

Know that we have not given up, fans!  Far from it!  We have an entire team of dedicated folks hard at work trying to cover all aspects of achieving the goal to get me out there on the track to do what I know best…   racing!

It does get frustrating, and I do have to fight being discouraged a lot of the time.  I don’t understand why it is so hard for some corporation to see what a win-win deal this is.  A proven driver, in the good equipment of well-respected, long-time car owner Andy Belmont – who has been nothing short of spectacular in his gracious support of our attempts to secure funding for his ride – should be a no-brainer.  With the media draw of my story alone, now that they will look for “real” stories, not to mention all the promotional activities we have planned in our sponsors’ names; why, the brand recognition available through Racing for a Cure with Ricky Byers alone is a Victory Lane of its own.  There is a company out there waiting for just this opportunity to showcase their brand…   and we will find them.

In the meantime we have another exciting promotion we want to share with fans right now.  Prilosec OTC currently has a program to vote for your favorite potential Prilosec OTC spokesperson!  So all you Ricky Byers fans out there need to go to http://www.officialsponsor.com/  and cast your vote!  Just enter ‘Ricky Byers’ in the search window, and then click on “Cancer Survivor Race Car Driver.”  Vote and then leave a comment to let them know how much you believe we deserve to win and be awarded the sponsorship!  Thanks, fans!! You can go back each day and vote!  Every little bit helps!

Another endeavor we are currently involved with is a diecast replica of the Daytona test car.  Friend Chip Perkins created a remarkable 1/24 scale duplicate of the Corrie Stott car we ran as fast as 8th quick at the test in December ’09.  Action Diecast would be my choice if I were to have them made in quantity, and I would surely like to use them for promotions toward Racing for a Cure…  but at 1,000 minimum to order, I’m afraid that unless I get some more positive feedback, I might have to wait a little while on this project.  People seemed to balk at spending the money for charity when I brought it up on my facebook page.  Well, when we bring a primary sponsor on board, everything will be different and we can move forward with these items unencumbered.

Well, for now, I want thank you all for your faithful support, your prayers, and your loyal friendship on this journey.  You are all very much appreciated.

Check out the video I have posted below from a local news station interview last winter, and don’t forget to go vote at the Prilosec OTC page!

Till next time, this is Ricky Byers Racing, wishing you all good health and God speed!

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