Ford Watkins Glen Practice Quotes (Greg Biffle)‏

Greg Biffle was the fastest car in each practice session at Watkins Glen International Friday afternoon, capping the day with a fast lap of 124.065 in the second session.  Biffle, riding high after his win last week at Pocono, discussed his stellar first day after practice concluded.

YOU ARE THE TOP GUY IN BOTH PRACTICES TODAY; SOMETHING SURE IS CLICKING FOR YOU GUYS LATELY.  “You know, our race cars are really fast. These guys spend a lot of time working on these race cars and coming up with these packages and set ups. I feel like we are gaining on it now. I feel like our simulation is better and we are showing up closer when we unload at the race track. I am focused and trying hard. It is not like I have been asleep the whole time, but it is now or never.”

YOU MUST FEEL LIKE YOU ARE WALKING ON AIR A LITTLE WITH THE SUCCESS.  “Yeah, I have a lot of energy. It is funny because after that win last week, I just felt like we were going to run well here. I just felt we had a good opportunity to win at The Glen. I don’t know why. We ran better at Sonoma and I knew we were bringing that car here. I just thought that in the right circumstances we would run well. I was thinking there would be a couple of cars faster than us and then we get here and that is not the case.”

WHAT IS THE KEY TO CARRY THIS OVER ON SUNDAY?  “I just have to keep it on the track. Keep the gear box in it, keep the brakes on it and not make any mistakes in pit road. The cautions have to fall right for us too and we need fuel mileage. Everything is a factor when it comes to the race on Sunday, but we have a good car to start with.”

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