Ricky Byers and G-Force Global Marketing Join Forces To Make Racing For a Cure A Reality

It’s funny how things work, really.  Just yesterday I had a conference call with The Gluckster (Jeff Gluck) and the powers that be here at SBN.  The topic of discussion?  Motorsports.  Not just NASCAR, but motorsports in general.

Of course we talked about NASCAR and various models of generating traffic for Jeff, Pop Off Valve, and the only site that matters at SBN, NASCAR RnR, but one area we spent a lot of time talking about was how things have changed in motorsports in the last 10 years.

You see I’m a bit ‘old school’ while Jeff is more ‘new-school’.  My NASCAR included Dale Earnhardt, his NASCAR never did and there have been a lot of changes in NASCAR and motorsports in general since the death of Dale Earnhardt in 2001.

And then tonight I get this phone call from NASCAR Nationwide hopeful and current ARCA driver Ricky Byers asking me to listen in on a conference call that he was hosting.

“What’s it about?” I ask.

“Can’t say,” he says, “Confidentiality agreement.  But these people want you to listen to what they have to say.”

Of course my interest is peaked.  All this ‘cloak and dagger’ stuff with confidentiality clauses and conference calls at 11:00 pm at night has got my curiosity working overtime so I joined in on the call … and listened.  For about an hour I listened and the more they talked the more excited they got about what they were talking about and of course the more they told me.

And with each and every detail they told me the more I was overwhelmed at the magnitude of what they’re proposing to do.  Motorsports is headed for yet another change.  If they can pull off what they’re proposing to do the motorsport industry will be changed forever, or at least the way in which race teams and drivers obtain their sponsorship dollars will be.

So what can I tell you about this conference call and how it pertains to Ricky?

Well G-Force Global Marketing is “getting ready to launch the team of the century while changing the way money in motorsports is raised” and the center of it all is race car driver Ricky Byers and his Racing For a Cureprogram.

Ricky and 3 other drivers currently under contract with G-Force Global Marketing will form the nucleus of the Racing For a Cure program.  Who are the 3 other drivers you ask?  They wouldn’t tell me … yet.  Stay tuned for an official announcement in the very near future.  What I can tell you though is that they are currently in negotiations with two other drivers in hopes of adding them to the Racing For a Cure program before the official announcement is made next week.

Ricky will run the whole season next year for G-Force Global Marketing starting at Daytona in the ARCA Series and then move to the NASACR Nationwide Series as the season progresses.

So how can G-Force Global Marketing bring Ricky and potentially 5 other drivers to the track for Racing For a Cure?

“Not just by advertising and promoting,” says Tina Kennedy part-owner of G-Force Global Marketing, “We will also be a major contributor as we give back to the community at the national level.  Our marketing will give sponsors more exposure and more media while creating an entire new fan base for racing.”

“We are coming into the motorsports market to make a major difference and we have the only motorsports certification package in the industry,” adds Tina’s business partner, Terrance Cox III,  “We are going to be accountable for the sponsorship dollars right down to the last penny.”

Of course they laid out some of their plans for me to listen to but I’m unable to bring them to you at this time and to be honest with you I think they only shared the tip of the ice-berg with me and gave me enough just to tease me into wanting more.

I’ll find out more within the next week and when I do I’ll share the details with you ASAP, until then think about what would have happened to drivers like Casey Atwood if they had the proper sponsors and resources to put a competitive ride together for a full season – that is what G-Force Global Marketing is trying to do with their new approach to motorsport sponsorships and Ricky Byers is the first to work with them to achieve that goal.

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