Minutes to Midnight: The Snowball Derby Last Chance Race

Qualifying is in the books and Cale Gale is your pole sitter for Sunday’s Snowball Derby.

For 33 drivers, the consummation of a dream is just one step away on Sunday. For those 21 drivers that just missed out on qualifying on time, the clock is ticking and one race will change the fates of four drivers.

Saturday night at 6 p.m. will mark the last chance race for all drivers who could not make the race on speed. The 50-lap sprint will be spearheaded by Scott Hantz (16.772) who just fell just short of the bubble by qualifying in the 31st position. Joining him on the front row will be Ryan Blaney, son of former Sprint Cup Series competitor Dave Blaney.

The top-four finishers will make it into Sunday’s Snowball Derby.


According to Speed51’s coverage of the Snowball Derby, Kyle Busch is still finalizing plans to make it to Pensacola for Sunday’s race. With only one Kyle Busch Motorsports entry (T.J. Reaid’s no. 51), Busch would likely be here as a spectator only.

Allen Turner Snowflake 100

The Snowflake 100 is a Snowball Derby enhancement race ran using the less powerful Pro Late Models. The Snowball Derby runs the Super Late Models on Sunday and is 200 laps long. To further differentiate the Snowflake 100 from the Derby, the Saturday race is a 100-lap, just green flags count showcase. Several Snowball drivers, including Landon Cassill,  Augie Grill, Johanna Long, Eddie Mercer and Chase Elliott are set to participate.

The Allen Turner Snowflake 100 is set to begin at 7:00 p.m. CST or 45 minutes following the conclusion of the Last Chance Race.

A starting lineup for Saturday’s Last Chance race can be found after the fold.

Estimated Last Chance Race Starting Lineup

1. Scott Hantz 16.772
2. Ryan Blaney 16.779
3. Heath Hindman 16.805
4. Jerry Artuso 16.813
5. Tyler Roahrig 16.823
6. David Rogers 16.824
7. Johnny VanDoorn 16.85
8. Matt Smith 16.863
9. Stephen McCurley 16.87
10. Ryan Crane 16.875
11. Danny Bagwell 16.944
12. Andy Ponstein 16.949
13. Tyler Millwood 16.951
14. Allen Karnes 17.125
15. Wayne Niedecken, Jr. 17.23
16. Clay Rogers 17.555
17. Ryan Sieg no time
18. Junior Niedecken no time

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