Will Jimmie Johnson win this year’s NASCAR championship?

The Phoenix International Raceway has a unique 1-mile oval that will be the focus this weekend during the Sprint Cup Series AdvoCare 500 race. In the upcoming race, Jimmie Johnson is the leader in the Chase. He is seven points ahead of Matt Kenseth. This is very much like last year where Johnson was leading the chase with the second place having being held by Brad Keselowski. Could this be history repeating itself? Can Jimmie Johnson proceed to win this year’s Sprint Cup Series? Only time will tell.

The final Race of the series will be held the following week and if Johnson keeps up his strong form he might end up winning his sixth championship. For the Lowes 48 Nation, Jimmie Johnson suffered a blown tire and finished in the 32nd position. This made him to fall to the third position in the final standing and Clint Bowyer in second place. It is still too early to assume that Johnson has this championship wrapped around his little finger since you can never tell how a NASCAR race will end.

Johnson says that he is optimistic that this year’s races at the Phoenix International Speedway will be better than last years’. According to him, he did not test at homestead last year but this year he had a test and it went well. The fact that Kenseth is trailing Johnson is good enough reason to keep him on his toes. Kenseth is hungry for a win this year since his last win was way back in 2003. Kenseth is known to perform very well when the pressure is on and Johnson should keep an eye on his back.

It would take epic failures for either Johnson or Kenseth not to win this year’s championship. Since 2004 when NASCAR introduced the playoffs, the driver who has won every year was in the first or second position with two races to go. The person who will enter this weekend’s race in third position is Kevin Harvick. He is trailing 40 points behind Johnson and this deficit is virtually impossible to erase unless both Johnson and Kenseth encounter catastrophic problems during the last two races.

Johnson is the apparent favorite in the upcoming race. In the eight Chase races that Johnson has entered, he finished in the top-sixth position in seven of them. The points leader has won six Chases out of nine. These wins include four wins by Johnson which were between 2006 and 2009. The last three wins went to Tony Stewart, Brad Keselowski, and Jimmie Johnson who were all in second place with two races to go. Whether Kenseth might cause an upset this season to topple Johnson is anyone’s guess at the moment. History seems to be in favor of Johnson but it will be no surprise if Kenseth won the championship this year.

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