NASCAR Delights with Generation 6 Race Cars

The Generation 6 race car from NASCAR has brought about frenzy among fans who are super excited about its debut. Drivers like Greg Biffle said the cars are “fun to drive” and Clint Bowyer said that whoever designed the new cars should be kissed every weekend.

The idea being the Gen 6 cars was to make them different and drivers attest that they not only look great but also drive great as well. The look of the cars was always impressive and praiseworthy and even before we knew how they performed, they were already favorites. Fans love that the cars are showroom ready but it is their performance on the track that matters the most.  These cars are now more durable and safer as well to round out their overall appeal.

NASCAR has tweaked a good thing and turned it into a better thing. The final evaluation will be done on December 9 after doing the final tests. We all know that NASCAR continues to improve their products and have been doing this throughout history. They do their best to make their products safer and of course more competitive so that no one ever bores from watching NASCAR races.

There are those that are still skeptical and don’t think that many changes should be made to the cars. They are for the most part wondering about the effect that outside variables may have on tires etc. to create closer racing. There are some drivers that suggest aerodynamic modifications that would help to completely eliminate down force.  There are yet still those that think that easier driving is a definite must for better competition as well as those that think that making a car harder to drive will add excitement to the competition.

There are so many things that can be done with this car. It may take a while to find the biggest changes for the car but as the season progresses the drivers and the garage will get much better with the car. What will happen in the future definitely will be on the up side and racing will only continue to get better. With the big test session ahead of us in December there is a lot left to be learned but we already know that the cars are capable of winning races, what with Jimmie Johnson’s six time Sprint championship success in a Gen 6 car.

All that is left for us to do now is sit back and patiently wait for the new test results that will be available soon. We all know NASCAR won’t let us down – they never have – and always will be working to make the cars and the sport better. With their new Generation 6 cars we can only expect the best of the best.

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