Second win for Logano in Sprint cup Championships

With new rules this season for the Sprint Cup Championships, the drivers are working very hard to secure wins. Rather than being judged on points they will go through to the Chase in September if they secure wins. This means that the races have got a lot more exciting and many drivers are taking more risks in order to win. The race in Richmond on Sunday was no exception with a lot of excitement as Joey Logano pulled off his second win of the season to secure his place in the Chase after winning in Texas at the beginning of the month.

In his post race interview he explained that he is now very keen to start winning some races in the Chase, saying that he was really enjoying driving the cars as they were so good. He went on to explain that although with the new rules that one win is could be enough it felt great to have two wins as it really secured the position. He explained that it also increased confidence knowing that you had some wins under your belt especially having them on different race tracks.

Logano was leading with four laps of the race left and was clearly thrilled with his victory. The race was exciting with regards to other drivers performances as well. Several incidents caused restarts during the race and led to some drivers being placed in the rear. He was thrilled at his fifth victory from his 192 cup races and it also being the first on this track. He explained that they have nothing to lose and it is all about the win and so they will have some fun later in the season taking risks to see how far they can go. So far Kevin Harvick also has two wins and Dale Earnhardt Jr, Kyle Busch, Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski all have one win each.

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