Penalties for Ambrose and Mears after Richmond

Marcos Ambrose and Casey Mears were seen to clash both during and after the race in Richmond and it was no surprise that there were investigations after what happened.


There were obviously angry with each other on the track but it was afterwards when they were caught on camera exchanging blows, Mears shoved Ambrose and he retaliated by punching Mears on the head and then their pit crews pulled them apart.


The exact details of why they were fighting have not been explained although they have both admitted that things happened on the track and it got out of hand. Mears explained that it was in the heat of the moment and things happened that he did not like and then he just wanted to hit him. However, when asked if things had been settled between them he said that he thought it had been although he would not forget being hit.


Ambrose was also asked about it and said that he was confused as to why Casey was so cross realising that he was mad and full of adrenaline as drivers tend to be./ He said that he was just trying to stand up for himself and so as soon as he started touching him he just wanted him out of his personal space.


The tapes were watched and the drivers were found to have both broken rules. They were found to have broken the rules with regards to conducting actions that were detrimental to stick car racing and had a behavioural penalty. This lead to them both having different penalties. They were both fines, with Ambrose having to pay $25,000 and Mears $15,000. They also have both been placed on NASCAR probation until the end of May.


Mears had said that he was not sure whether what he had done would be enough to attract a penalty as he was not clear on the rules. He even said that he would be glad to know so that he understood how far he was allowed to go and how to behave in the future. The penalty will allow him to realise that his behaviour was certainly not acceptable.


Ambrose explained that he would not be appealing against the penalty as he just wants to move on put things behind him. He went on to say that he had spoken to Casey and they have a mutual respect and it will not be a long lasting feud.

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