Talladega Qualifying set to be Exciting

It is thought that the qualifying could be as exciting as the main race tomorrow in Talladega. Matt Kenseth has said that there is the potential for a pile up in the qualifying but perhaps not in the race for pole position. Joey Logano has said that he predicts that there could be a wreck during the qualifying session because of the closing rate. He was referring to the way that one car catches another in the draft and how this is the first time that it will be used in cup knockout qualifying in groups.
Logano can afford to go all out in this race as can Brad Keselowski as they have both won two races this season already which means that they have a great chance of getting through to the Chase races whether or not they do well here. This means that they might take some risks in qualifying as well as during the race.
Logano is bound to be full of confidence as well because he is the only driver that has managed to make all segments of qualifying this season and he admitted that although he was proud of that record, he thought that this race was a big wild card.
Kenseth won the championships last year but this year has not yet had a win. He explained that qualifying can seem less crucial on this track because of the changing drafting lines but that will mean that all drivers will be trying different ways to get the fastest possible lap so that they can start at the front of the race. But he reckons that to get that good time it will be better to be behind the big pack rather than stuck in it. He explained that if you are behind the pack then you can get a good run up on it and this could give you a better chance of getting a good time. However, he said that as everyone knows that they could all be waiting for a group to form so that they can follow it and that could make the race quite funny.
Both Logano and Kenseth say that the first few laps of the qualifying could be as exciting as the last few laps of the main race and so it will be advisable to tune in early as you could miss the best bit of the action otherwise.

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