Denny Hamlin Has First Win at Talladega

Hamlin was in second place towards the end of the race and it looked like it might have been Kevin Harvick that was to take victory. However, there was a restart due to debris on the course after an accident and he managed to pull in to first place in order to win the race in an exciting finish.

Afterwards he was obviously thrilled. He explained that he had always come close to winning and has an aggressive style which is key to doing well. He said that he knew that he would have to take risks and this had often led to him being involved in crashes and so he has changed the way he drives to try to give himself a better chance of winning rather than crashing. He also said that he had looked to the leading drivers and picked up tips from them in order to give himself a better chance of winning.

Hamlin is now the eighth winner in the ten races that have taken part so far this season. There are sixteen places available in the Sprint Cup Championship and a win helps to secure a place as only race winners go through. Hamlin joins fellow Joe Gibbs Racing team mate, Kyle Busch in the Chase now.

Hamlin went on to explain that although he did not worry, there was more pressure on him because he knew that if he won the race he would automatically be in the Chase. He said that as the weeks pass you feel the pressure more because the spots are running out.

It was on this track that Hamlin made his comeback last year. However he only ran 23 laps and then handed his car to Brian Vickers. He had returned after a broken back but it was still sore and therefore he could not continue the season and it was his first season where he had not been in the Chase.

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