Kyle Busch in Speeding Citation

It has been reported that NASCAR driver Kyle Busch was issued with a speeding ticket after going 60mph in a zone where a 45mph limit was imposed. The police report said that this happened in Denver in front of the Beach’s grocery store. It also said that Busch has a disrespectful attitude when he stated that he thought the speed limit was 55mph.

The offence took place on the 29th April at 7.45. Busch was driving a Lexus sedan when the police caught him.

This is not the first time that the NASCAR driver has been reprimanded for driving offences. Back in 2006 he was given a ticket for Chirping his tyres when pulling out of a gas station in Richmond, VA. He was then stopped in Iredell County in 2011 when driving 128mph in a 45mph zone. At the time he released a statement saying that he got carried away when driving a new sports car. He also issued an apology to his fans, sponsors and race teams for going too fast on a public road and for the lack of judgement that he showed.

Kyle Busch is currently third in the standings on points in the Sprint Cup series. However, this season it is not points that determine who qualify for the chase but it depends solely on winning races. This week’s race in Talladega saw Busch qualify in the final twelve therefore making it through to Sunday’s race where he came last due to being involved in an accident which meant that he could not finish the race.

He has not yet commented on the speeding incident, but it is expected that the fine he will receive will be less than the one he received in 2011 and he will also have the option of challenging the ticket before paying the fine issued, if he wishes. The fine is $30 plus $188 in court fees.

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