NASCAR’s Josh Wise Discusses Dogecoin

Josh Wise is a NASCAR driver that drives a Ford Fusion car sponsored by Dogecoin. This is a digital currency and there is a growing number of users of it. The driver has made himself familier with his sponsor and the way that the currency works.

Speaking to Fox News, Wise explained that he is even prepared to interact with fans of the currency and do some question and answer sessions about it. He explained that he felt that it was really great that he had a lot of support from the Dogecoin community which is not something that he had experienced before from a sponsor.

Josh Wise is also seeing success of the racing track as well. This weekend he managed to rise to the top five within the final 25 laps of the course. He explained that he had a great run, but a car cut across him which mean that he had to slow down to avoid crashing and having an accident and this meant that he and many other vehicles had to slow down which meant that he ended up in 20th. He said that had this not happened he felt that he would have had a good shot at a top ten or possibly a top five place which would have been fantastic for him.

Wise was also asked whether he thought that there might be another car I the future from his sponsors. He explained that they need to have consistent sponsorship and are hoping that it might come from Dogecoin or Reddit but at the moment there is no word as to whether this will happen or not. It could of course depend on the success of Wise and how he can not only promote his sponsors but also do well in the races to bring them more exposure.

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