Clint Bowyer Extends Contract

Clint Bowyer has announced that he will be remaining with the Michael Waltrip Racing team as he has signed an extension to his contract. This is a multi-year contract so will confirm his place in the team for the foreseeable future. The team are also keeping Brian Pattie as the chief of the crew and their primary sponsor is also staying with the team. This is the drinks company 5-hour energy who will have more time on the #15 car.

Bowyer expressed how great it was that they would be staying together. He said that it provided the team with stability and that the team felt like his racing home and it was important for him to keep together with them as well as to secure the sponsorship relationship as well. He said that he would be able to concentrate on his driving now, knowing that everything was settled and secure in the team.

It was in 2012 when Bowyer moved to the team from Richard Childress Racing and he has won three of his eight Sprint Cup victories when he was with this new team. However, there were some problems in 2014 when he was accused of spinning out in order to help his team mate win a race. However, this is now all behind the team and they are looking forward to the future.

Waltrip explained that the team is a serious contender for wins and the team are positive that together Clint, Brian and 5-hour energy can work together to move forwards.

President of 5-hour energy, Scott Henderson explained that they feel they are paired with one of the most energetic and competitive drivers in the championships and so want to continue with the relationship that they built over the years. He went on to say that they love Clint, the Michael Waltrip Racing team and NASCAR and this was partly why the contract was renewed as well as the fact that the program has been so successful for them.

Bowyer was also celebrating something else this week, having announced that his wife was pregnant, expecting a baby boy. The couple were married over the Easter weekend in the Bahamas. He will be celebrating again on Saturday with his 300th NASCAR Sprint Cup Series start.

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