Gordon won but Patrick Gives Big Surprise

It may have been Gordon’s win this race, but the talk was all about Danica Patrick after the Kansas Speedway NASCAR Sprint Championships race. She did not even make the top five by the end of the race but the fact that she got the best position of her career and looked like she could have been a huge contender for a top five place, certainly raised attention to her.

She showed that she really was a serious contender in this competition as she made her best ever Cup finishing place at seventh. However, it was the fact that she contended for a top five finish that impressed most people.
She had a lot of supporters congratulating her after the race. This included her teammate Tony Stewart, Tony Gibson and her parents who all helped her to celebrate her stand out performance.

She explained that she always believed that she could do well if she had a good car and the right situation. She did this here, by managing to stay inside the top ten racers for most of the race and at one time was in third place managing to pass Steward and Earnhardt Jr. Later in the race she even managed to pass Jimmie Johnson. She said afterwards that this was the most rewarding part of the race as he is such a great driver and so passing him was huge for her.

This was the second top ten start in a row that she qualified for so it looks like this good form could be consistent for her. She had a pep talk before the race with her teammate Kavin Harvick which could have helped her. He told her that she needed to stop thinking to hard and just hit the gas and it looks like that really worked well for her. She said it was great having the support of her team mates and that when each tem member gets better it spurs on everyone to keep improving. She said that this will make them all keep on working harder and harder.

Previously she had not showed signs of doing so well. On her last five races she had not finished above 22nd place but she did not lose confidence and got her reward.

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