All-Star Race paint scheme reports

It is Saturday at 7pm ET that the All-Star race will take part at Charlotte Motor Speedway. This event has seen some one off specials with regards to paint colours and it is expected that this year will be no exception.

Jimmie Johnson has had a special patriotic red, white and blue paint job on his car and he will be doing this again this year as well as showing his sponsors logo ‘Lowes’ on the side of the car. It seems that there will be another patriotic car in the race as well. Ricky Stenhouse Jr, who will be taking place in the sprint showdown on Friday, hoping to get a place in the main race, will also have red, white and blue colours on his car. He will also have ‘Building for Americas Bravest’ featured on his car. This is a program which builds smart homes for injured service members returning home.

It may seem odd that the drivers choose special colours for this particular race. However, it was back in 1995 when the late Dale Earnhardt started the tradition. The race was known back then as The Winston in honour of the sponsor RJ Reynolds. Most teams would use the same paint colour all year long because they had the same sponsor on the car all of the time. These days the sponsors are rotated and this means that colours tend to change.

Earnhardt was known as ‘The Man in Black’ due to his jet black car which was extremely iconic at the time. However, for The Winston he had a silver spray in order to honour the 25th anniversary of RJR in NASCAR and this was something that was completely unexpected and many people were very surprised. In fact it became was of the biggest NASCAR news stories of the season, especially because he did not end up winning the race.

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