Jamie McMurray Wins the Sprint All-Star Race

Jamie McMurray was able to win the massive $1 million prize for the Sprint All-Star Race thanks to a fast car and great pit crew. He held off both Kevin Harvick and Carl Edwards to scoop the amazing victory.

He had some really great pit calls from the chief of his crew, Keith Rodden. After the third segment he took two tyres and this meant that he could make his way to the front and get to the lead in the final two segments. In the final segment he started in second spot with Carl Edwards battling hard to keep him at bay. However, he got high on the track on turn two and managed to speed ahead and pull forwards to win.

Afterwards he said that the battle between them was the sort of contest that he dreamed of as a child. He said to battle it out for ten laps he kept thinking about the prize money and working hard to keep with Edwards so that he could take his chance to get the lead when he could. He explained that it was his crew chief that really helped him. He said as a driver it is hard to make the call on whether the tyres need changing or not and so having Keith in the garage made a huge difference to the race.

In the Harvick took second place in the race and the Matt Kenseth took third with Dale Eranhardt Jr in fourth. Edwards fell back after his first place battle and ended up in fifth place.

Edwards explained that it was frustrating. He said that although Jamie drove perfectly he could have won the race had he also gone high on the crucial corner where he was overtaken but he said he did not want to give up the bottom.

Harvick said that he had a fast car and could have won it apart from the fact that there were problems on the pit road.

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