Jimmie Johnson Considers Hall of Fame Process

The vote for the NASCAR Hall of Fame is taking place in about two weeks time but driver, Jimmie Johnson is still not sure about the whole process. He explained that he has read through his book but is nervous about the process but thinks that it will be fun to discuss things with the others on the 21st May.

The voting process has been changed this year, with addition of Jimmie Johnson to the panel being one of the changes that has been made. The panel previously had 25 nominees to consider and they will now just have a choice of 20. Now in its sixth year the voting process is carried out by a panel of 32 members and the nominating committee, which has 22 members also has some voting rights as well. There is also a fan vote, where fans get to give their opinion online and that is also put forward.

Johnson explained that he has an opinion but is not sure about the process that happens when votes are made. He went on to say that although he knew the background of some of the nominees he is interested in learning about all of the rest so that he can learn about their NASCAR history and consider whether to vote for them.

This year there is a collection of new nominees such as Bill Elliott, Terry Labonte, Buddy Baker, Mike Stefanik and Robert Yates. Some nominees are not new to list with Rick Hendrick being among those that has been on the list every year. Johnson made it clear that although he has always driven for the team owned by Hendrick he would not let it bias his opinion. He explained that he wants to consider all of the statistics as having only been in the sport for thirteen years he doesn’t know all of the nominees as some go back seven decades. He said that he was pleased that he was not the only person voting. He concluded by saying that it was great honour to be able to vote.

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