Kurt Busch Back to NASCAR Practice

Kurt Busch is back at the Sprint Cup qualifying in North Carolina. He has been splitting himself between Sprint Cup and the Indianapolis 500 and Coca-Cola 600 which he is attempting to complete in the same day on Sunday. If he manages this, he will be only the second driver to do so and so it would be a huge achievement for him. However, he admitted that he was glad to be getting back in to his comfort zone when practising for the Sprint Cup races this weekend. In practice he got the eighth fastest time but unfortunately did not do so well in qualifying when he came 28th and so did not go any further in the knockout section of the race. Many people are saying that being split between the different races has led to his performance at NASCAR Sprint Cup not being so good. However he denies this saying that he has been keeping the events separate and staying up with the top drivers.

The Coca-Cola 600 will see Jimmie Johnson in pole position for the first time this season after qualifying with the fastest lap. He has not yet won a race and so it will provide him with a good chance to show what he can do. He admitted that he would love to win a few races this season. He was asked whether he thinks some people are enjoying the fact that he has not won and he said that they may be but he said he could not keep everyone happy as some say he wins too much and some say not enough. Brad Keselowski was the second place qualifier for the sixth time this season which he was understandably annoyed about. Kasey Kahne, Danica Patrick and Clint Bowyer were also in the top five. Jeff Gordon is the points leader but will start 27th one place behind Jamie McMurray who won the All-Star race last week.

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