History 300 Sees Larson Victorious

Kyle Larson was the victor in Saturday’s NASCAR race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. This is his second Mationwide series win in the 43 races he has taken part in and he beat a handful of greats to get there.

He was obviously thrilled afterwards, explaining how good a feeling it was to see the cars behind him getting further away lap by lap. He praised his car and team.

It was Kyle Busch that started in pole position which was record for him being his 38th pole in 279 starts in Nationwide racing. Brad Keselowski was beside him but he struggled to keep up with Busch from the start allowing Matt Kenseth, Kevin Harvick and Kyle Larson all to overtake him.

There was caution at lap 25 and after that Kenseth got in to the lead and Busch dropped back and soon got stuck in traffic. Kenseth then got in to lead and Larson fought through to second with Scott and Smith behind.

The second caution happened in lap 92 and it was then that Kenseth dropped back with handling issues and Keselowski was able to take the lead. This was until lap 119 when he was stuck in traffic and Larson was able to get through on the high line and dropped back after various pit stops by different drivers. In the end Larson could keep the lead and Keselowski and Busch fought for second place with Harvick in fourth. Scott was fifth with Bayne in Sixth and Smith in seventh. Smith is now the highest with regards to points won and said that although it was early days he was still pleased to be in that position.

Busch said that he found it frustrating as it was difficult to see any opportunities for passing. Keselowski explained that Busch’s car was just too fast.

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