Busch Attempt for Double Victory Fails

Kurt Busch was out to cross the finish line in two races on Sunday when he took part in the Indianapolis 500 and the Coca-Cola 600. He managed a sixth place in the Indianapolis 500, which was his first time in being in the event. However, his luck ran out in the later stages of the Coca-Cola 600 when his car got in to trouble.

He started the race in 28th position because he was not able to get to the track in time for the drivers meeting. However, his aim was just to complete the race and so getting to the front was not important. However, there was disappointment for him and his team.

Afterwards he explained that it just proved what a difficult job it was for the team to get his car in shape for both races. However, he explained that he relished the opportunity to drive the IndyCar. The schedule was hectic, with him having to take a helicopter in order to make sure that he got to the second race in time. However, he did not seem to find that a problem as he admitted that he would like to do it again and would just have to ignore the fact that he had just driven 500 miles. However, this was just after getting out of the helicopter before he had the disappointment of the Coca-Cola 600 race.

His attempt, although it did not come off, is likely to still go down in history books though as only three drivers have ever tried to do it. Robby Gordon in 2004 was the latest to try but the only successful driver was Tony Stewart who amazingly not only completed both of the races in 2001 but also managed to come sixth at Indianapolis and third at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

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