Dale Earnhardt Jr Passionate about NASCAR Memorabilia

Dale Earnhardt Jr has revealed that he not only has a passion for NASCAR driving but also has one for collecting memorabilia as well. He has a collection of many different things such as magazines, programs and die-cast models of cars. He buys a lot of the items on Ebay and uses his tablet or phone to watch the auctions and bid on things that he wants.

He says that he has been collecting the items for a long and time and actually could not say how much the things might be worth. He said that he has the items neatly boxed up at his home. He bids on all sorts of items and they are not necessarily of a high value. He says that the ebayers even are starting to recognise his username and know that it is him that is bidding.

He says that he really gets exciting when he is bidding on something that he really wants and really goes for the win. He compared it to racing though in that if you win it is really exciting but if you lose, you just have to move on.

He said that he bods on other items as well such as records and magazines. His girlfriend bought him a vintage magazine for a Christmas present with Marilyn Monroe on the cover.

Earnhardt will be teaming up with eBay in a few weeks time where he will be driving the no. 88 eBay car in the Nationwide series event at Michigan International Speedway. For ever new user to eBay Garage they will donate $1 to The Dale Jr Foundation with a maximum of $25,000. eBay Garage is the EBay online community associated with eBay Motors, the marketplace for selling cars on eBay.

On meeting eBay executives, they realised that he was fan and felt that it would be advantageous for them to work together. Earnhardt’s love of NASCAR came from his father’s association with the sport and he enjoys collecting items from the past, before he was involved in the sport.

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