Nebula Systems announces breakthrough in vehicle diagnostics technology

UK‐based Nebula Systems Ltd has unveiled its revolutionary new vehicle diagnostic system ‘MECH5’,
which allows both professional mechanics and car owners to carry out in‐depth analysis of a
vehicle’s electronic systems using their smartphone, tablet or laptop like never before.
Nebula Systems believe that the unique capabilities of MECH5, as a totally cloud based system, will
change forever the way anyone, including Professional Mechanics, the Telematics, Fleet care and
Roadside Recovery industries, perform vehicle diagnostics.
The system works via a small on‐board diagnostics (OBD) device which plugs into the vehicle’s
diagnostic socket and is then connected securely to the MECH5 cloud. Users can then access the
wealth of information stored within all the vehicle’s computer systems (ECUs) wirelessly and
remotely from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
Andrew Steer, sales director of Nebula Systems, said: “For the first time ever any vehicle user, from
car enthusiasts to professional mechanics and independent garages, will be able to access an
incredibly low cost and powerful system which allows them to carry out professional remote
diagnostics on any electronic system within the vehicle, using an internet connection – whether
they’re standing next to the car or are on the other side of the world.”
“We have designed MECH5 for different levels of involvement and anyone can use it. You don’t have
to be an expert because users can dynamically contribute with known repairs and technical
information very easily, while working on cars and finding solutions.”
“We’re extremely proud of Mech5, it really empowers users to find out for themselves what’s wrong
with their vehicle in a very simple and accessible way. MECH5 is a subscription service, but does not
require a contract. Users can dip in an out as and when they need it, and even if out of subscription,
you can still read fault code and parameter values for free.”
The company is now seeking backers through Kickstarter to raise £50,000 by the 20th of June, to
complete the first stage development of MECH5 and launch it later this year.

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