Dover NASCAR Race Has Pothole Trouble

There were problems on the Dover track yesterday for the NASCAR race when potholes in the concrete caused an accident. Jimmie Johnson had seen some broken up concrete but said that he was not concerned about but the chip caused massive problems when the track broke up and pieces flew all over the place.

It was Ryan Newman’s car the knocked up bits of concrete which called damage to Jamie McMurray’s car and even cracked a window on a pedestrian bridge over the track. McMurray asked if he could have his car repaired but he was not allowed to as no one could work on there cars when the race was stopped. The window was repaired with duct tape and pedestrians were moved from the bridge in case of further problems.

Safety crews and NASCAR officials then had to apply hydraulic cement to the track to repair it before the race could carry on. The patch had been noticed before the race but it was not considered to be that serious. It was 2 to 3 inches deep and 10 inches wide. There was a wreck in the area during the race and it could have been that which caused it to be such a problem. They had said that there are five patches on the track which do get damaged regularly and get a lot of attention. The track will be repaired in time for the race that will take place on 28th September.

The drivers praised the way that the problem was dealt with and the fact that the repair lasted for the rest of the race. Afterwards Dale Earnhardt Jr was asked to comment and he did say that if they changed the surface he would like to see asphalt as it would give a really great race.

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