Dover Leaves NASCAR’s Danica Patrick Feeling Positive

Danica Patrick had a good few races under her belt as she went into the race last weekend at Dover and had big expectation, despite the race not being one that she favours. She finished four laps down, just the same as she did last year but she did better her place by one, finishing in 23rd position. She did get a drive through penalty which did not help things though.

Afterwards she said that it would have been interesting to know what would have happened if the penalty had not been given. She admitted that the start of the race was not good but things got better and they had some good laps. She said that she felt she was getting better at this particular race and so was positive about her performance.

Patrick has shown a lot of improvements this season and as the race moved to Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania this week she is hoping to also improve. The track has a triangular layout and is 2.5 miles long with each corner banking differently. This makes it a very difficult track and Patrick is aware of this having finished 29th and 35th in her last two attempts. She reflected on last year explaining that with rain there was no Friday practice and so on the Saturday there were two practice session and then the race and she got to 20th position but dropped back to 29th in the last three laps which was disappointing. The race before was also disappointing as she got to 15th place and slipped back to 35th. However she wants to take positives from the fact that she had her chances to do well and is even more determined to do better this time. She admitted that she likes the track though and enjoys the next few races in the season because the weather is good.

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