Logano States NASCAR Safer than Football

Joey Logano took a break from NASCAR practice to see the Detroit Lions recently and as a result state dthat he was sure that he had picked the right career. Obviously he realises that he has a lot of danger in the sport that he takes part in but he said that he would rather that than the risks of football.

Logano is 6 foot 1 inches and admitted that he felt really small compared to the larger football players. He said that although going at 200mph is fast and dangerous, he prefers it to the thought of a 300 pound linebacker coming towards him. There have been safety improvements in NASCAR though, especially since Dale Earnhardt died in 2001 at the Daytona 500 but despite this Dale Earnhardt Jr had to miss two races in 2012 due to concussion. This year NASCAR have tightened up even more with pretesting for participants. Logano commented on this saying that a lot has been done to make the cars safer which makes him feel good. He explained that NASCAR is always testing and crashing cars to find ways of making them safer and to keep the drivers better protected. He said that he could not see how they could improve things for the footballers as they have some protection but are always going to be hit.

Logano was asked which football position he would like to be. He explained that he is not good at football at all and would probably be better on the bench rather than trying to fit in with the team. He explained that he tried to kick a field goal when visiting the New England Patriots and did not perform at all well. Logano was visiting the Detroit Lions as part of a promotional tour for Michigan International Speedway.

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