Reporter Breaks Ankle at NASCAR

Dustin Long, a reporter for MRN managed to break his ankle when interviewing Dale Earnhardt Jr on Friday at the Pocono track. He managed to fall of one of the scales that is used to weigh the cars and broke his ankle in the process. His ankle was in a bad way and and Long even posted a photo of it on his twitter feed to gross out his followers!

Earnhardt said afterwards that it was his fault as he was leading Long while being interviewed and should never have taken him through the scales. They went that way as it was a shortcut, but it turned out to be a mistake to choose that route. He later tweeted that he felt awful for having done this. However, Dustin Long was quick to reply and tell him that it was not his fault and that he should not worry about it. He then tweeted that he was in his hotel room working on the stories but with his ankle elevated.

He still managed to finish his story as well which included many of the quotes that he had got from Earnhardt before the accident took place. He was even back on Saturday in the garages to get more quotes and information for his story. This time though he was more of a celebrity as many people on the track had heard about what had happened to him and wanted to sympathise with him. He was even asked for an autograph in the garage and was very humbled by the experience according to his tweet. He also said that he hoped he had not devalued the fans program by signing it.

He will be glad not to miss the excitement of the race this weekend. Many people were expecting Jimmie Johnson to continue his winning streak with a hat trick, but after not getting near the front after qualifying it could leave the door open for someone else and with the exciting three cornered track of Pocono to navigate, it could be anyone’s win.

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