22 Jump Street Pair Take NASCAR Ride

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, stars of ’22 Jump Street’ were at the Pocono Raceway this weekend to have a go in a NASCAR vehicle. Danica Patrick was there to help them with their journey in the pace car, which although would not reach the 180mph speeds that the drivers do, could still give them a pretty good thrill.

Tatum was pretty fired up saying how it would be good if they wrecked the car. Patrick said that it would be safer for them to wear helmets and she did not want to crash the car with them in it as she would be considered to be the worst driver ever. However, their drive went without a hitch with Tatum riding shotgun and Hill in the back of the car. Patrick drove the car a few laps reaching up to 140mph.

Afterwards Tatum said that his ears were ringing because Jonah was screaming n the back seat behind him. Afterwards Tatum took a few pictures of the track and there were fans there that he waved to. Then at the pre-race driver’s meeting they were surrounded by the drivers and teams. Dale Earnhardt Jr took a selfie with them which he later put up on Twitter and Jimmie Johnsons crew gave them jerseys with their surnames on the back. They then got to give the signal for drivers to start their engines. Traditionally this was ‘Gentlemen start your engines’ but now, with a female driver in the form of Danika Patrick, they often change the wording.

Patrick did say that she would have preferred to give the guys a ride in her car as it would have been more exciting but she was not allowed to. She then chatted to them about where they came from and how much she enjoyed driving fast cars. She even asked Hill if he watched NASCAR racing and he admitted that he did not but would start doing so after his visit to the track.

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