Montoya to Make NASCAR Return

Juan Pablo Montoya did not take long to decide that he would be returning to work on Roger Penske’s team. He explained that having discussed the idea of his return to NASCAR it took him very little time to say yes to the idea. He said that now they have the cars right he is keen to return.

Last season Montoya quit NASCAR having worked with Chip Ganassi Racing and then returned to work with Penske. He won a couple of races and made the Chase one year but he never made it in to the big time. He will now be having a couple of weeks to try out the Penske cars to see how well he does. He will race this weekend in Michigan and then again on July 27th Ta Indianapolis and see how things go.

He will be working together with the other team members on the Penske crew, Brad Keselowki and Joey Logano who have both won races this season. Montoya never made it to the top five before he was close a couple of times to winning at the Brickyard once when got a speeding penalty and another time when his pit stops were badly times. He got a second place at the Brickyard in 2007 though. He has said that he feels this will be a great opportunity to drive really competitive cars and he feels good about his chances at the Brickyard, despite the fact that the Penske team has not yet won there.

Montoya has a victory in 2000 at the Indianapolis 500 but feels that he would like to have another go to see whether he can win it again. Sunday will be his warm up race for this and he will have Greg Erwin as his crew chief. He will not be racing on the rad races at the Sprint Cup though as there is no available crew for him to do so.

The driver has lost 15 pounds due to a cycling regime and feels positive about being in the Penske team. He says that although he does not want to compare teams, he feels that things are handled really well at Penske and he is honoured to be racing for them.

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