High Speeds Predicted at Michigan NASCAR This Weekend

Michigan International Speedway is a two mile track and it can be very fast, if past races are anything to go by. This means that the race this weekend could be extremely exciting.

It was in August 2013 when the Sprint Cup NASCAR teams took to the track last and Joey Logano made the record books by doing a lap of 203.949 miles an hour and this was the ninth fastest qualifying lap ever and the fastest at a non restrictor plate track.

It was in 2012 when the track was repaved and this led to the speeds massively increasing which led to Marcos Ambrose getting a pole lap of 203.241 mph which beat the old track record by nine miles per hour.

Jamie McMurray explained that the track is fast and also has a lot of grip. He explained that this means that pit strategy will be really important on Sunday during the race. He went on to say that his team has fast cars and so he is hoping that will lead to some good finished.

Matt Kenseth on the other hand was not so keen on the changes to the track since it was paved. He explained that he felt that it was one of the best tracks until then. He explained that you would run right form turns three and four up against the fence and many people struggled to find grip but now he feels it is much harder to pass other cars. He added that he hoped that it would be better now that there has been another winter.

Tony Stewart said that he felt the track should be good now that it has been cleaned off. He said that it has been improving and he feels that there might be even better speeds this weekend.

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