Kenseth Keen For First Win in Kentucky

Matt Kenseth is happy to put his crash at Sonoma’s road race behind him and to focus on next weekend. He was involved in a knock with Dale Earnhardt Jr which sent him out of the race but there seems to be no hard feelings between them. The drivers are good friends anyway and professional enough to realise that these things happen.

Earnhardt admitted that the accident as his fault after the race and apologised to the other drivers. He had a personal chat with Kenseth yesterday and it looked as though they had made up despite the fact that Kenseth ended up not being able to finish the race for the first time in the season and Earnhardt managed to finish third.

Kenseth reflected on the incident saying that he was sure that it was a mistake and that racing is like that these days which is what makes it so exciting. He went on to explain that when you are running two wise on a single track then there is a lot of risk and things like this happened. He did say he was surprised to have not heard from Earnhardt earlier but in the end they found time to speak about it and Earnhardt announced the fact that they had on twitter.

Kenseth had seven wins last season but so far has not managed to win a race this year. He knows that if he wants a place in the Chase; the final race of the season he will need to win at least once. Only the winners of races qualify for the Chase this season and so every driver is working hard to win. This week the race will take place at Kentucky Speedway where Kenseth is the defending champion and so that will be sure to give him some extra confidence.

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