Jimmie Johnson the Michael Jordan of NASCAR According to Obama

Jimmie Johnson was honoured at the White House by the President on Wednesday for his sixth win in 2013. His Hendrick Motorsports team were also honoured by Obama who said afterwards that he is the best that there ever was. He went on to say that as he is from Chicago, whenever he honours a sports person he normally says that they are not as good as the Chicago football or basketball team but he said that Jimmie Johnson is pretty much the Michael Jordan of NASCAR and so there is nothing he can say against him. He went on to say that many children look up to Jimmiw Johnson and that they should do so.

Johnson has had 69 victories during his Sprint Cup career and he is the most active of the current drivers apart from Jeff Gordon his team mate. It looks like he is going to continue to win races and may even take a few more Chase victories as well. He is the fastest driver ever.

Jimmie Johnson has other interests besides his racing though. He set up the Jimmie Johnson Foundation in 2006 and he has donated $7 million to grants and resources for public school which includes Habitat for Humanity and Ronald McDonald House. Another initiative is the Wellness Challenge which helps to encourage fans of NASCAR to stay fit and healthy and they organise events which Johnson and his crew often take part in.

Last year he had a heated debate with Donovan McNabb, when the NFL Quarterback said that all the drivers did was sit in a car and so they were not athletes, but Johnson explained that the training is hard work. He runs half marathons as part of his training and can even get good times for his age.

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