Kenseth Gets Joe Gibbs Racing Extension

It has been announced that Joe Gibbs Racing will continue to run a contract with Matt Kenseth, NASCAR driver, beyond 2015. They have also extended their sponsorship deal with Dollar General for the same time period.
These agreements span several years and although there was no specific date they were quoted as saying that the agreements were for 2015 and beyond. For their sponsors this means that they will be behind the team in 30 races next year which is an increase eon the 27 they sponsored this year and the 17 the previous year. It is expected that Home Depot will no longer be a sponsor, having sponsored the races over the last two years that were not sponsored by Dollar General. Joe Gibbs have said that they have got sponsorship for those races now though, although they have not said who it is that is offering them.

The team is also making big efforts to help Matt Kenseth win a race this season. He has not yet won a race this season although he won seven races last year, which was his first with Joe Gibbs Racing. He has had a lot of top 5 and top 10 finishes and is fourth in the points race but to qualify for the Chase he will need at least one win. His team mates, Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch have both won races but the team still does not have the speed that it had last year.

Gibbs explained that last year they ran well and they felt good off season as well and worked hard but felt that they were behind once the year started. They are working hard to catch up saying they do not like being behind although they know that it can happen in sport.

They say that they are now concentrating on getting Kenseth a win and keep the points up for everyone so that they are in a good position for the Chase.

Company Chairman of Dollar General; Rick Dreiling said that the appeal of Kenseth and his success meant that he was a good one to sponsor and it is great for their business. This deal comes at a time when many sponsors are only giving 12 or 16 race deals and so this is unusual and shows how much the sponsor believes in Kenseth.

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