Great NASCAR Prize from Mobil 1

Mobil 1 is the official motor oil of NASCAR and they are running a special competition where winners can choose a helmet design for driver Tony Stewart. Fans of the series will be able to vote on the entries until there is just one remaining which will be the winner.

The ‘Race to the Helmet’ sweepstakes will allow the fans to choose the helmet that will eventually be worn by Tony Stewart. He will wear the helmet on the 17th August for the Pure Michigan 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and the winner will then get to keep the helmet afterwards.

It is now possible for fans to go to the Mobil 1 Facebook page and take a look at the five designs that have been created by Stewart-Hass Racing. They can vote once each day on their favourite until the 25th July. The vote will also be an entry to a competition to attend the Pure Michigan 400 with a friend.

Stewart explained that a helmet is something that a driver really takes pride in, especially him. He said that he had a helmet collection of his own and would like to give fans a chance to start there own as well. Each week the entries with the lowest votes will be eliminated until the winning one is unveiled on the 28th July. Soon afterwards the winner of the sweepstakes award will be announced.

Helmets have a n interesting history with the first just being like hardhats with a strap but these days they are almost works of art with sponsors, teams and events being painted on them. They also have very high safety standards so that they can keep the drivers as safe as possible, fitting very tightly and being of the optimum weight and fit with good padding inside.

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