Daytona Cup Race Post Phoned Until Sunday

The rain that meant that the qualifying of the Daytona 400 was over in just one session, also led to problems with the main race. It was scheduled to start at 8pm local time but the heavy rain meant that it was not felt to be safe enough to start the rain. As the heavy rain continued and the evening drew on, it was decided that the race would not start, as it would take a good few hours to get the track dry enough for it to start. The race was rescheduled to start at 11am on Sunday morning instead.

There have been four races affected by the weather this season so far, with one being the Daytona 500 in February but none have been post phoned apart from a race in Texas in February, the others just being delayed.

Rain effected the practice sessions as well as the qualifying sessions where only one session could take place which led to surprise positions for pole.

The president of Daytona International Speedway; Joie Chitwood III explained that it seems that they have been having bad luck as this weather is not normally typical of the region. He said that there are pop-up storms but normally as the temperature goes down they clear up, but this didn’t happen this time. He went on to say that the weather led to the track being very wet and even with Air Titan and the Jets to dry the track it could still take almost two hours to get it dry and this was just too long.

The weather forecast for Sunday is also for scattered thunderstorms which will get more persistent towards the afternoon and that is why the race is scheduled for such an early time in the day. Chitwood said that they did not want to make it too early for fans to get there but they needed to try to get the race over with before the storms hit. He also said that if there weather as too bad they would have to cancel, but it was not something that he wanted to do as he knew the fans were keen to see the race. If the race does go ahead it will be the first time since 1997 that it has happened in daylight rather than under the floodlights in the evening.

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