Busch Penalised for NASCAR Daytona Infraction

Kurt Busch and his NASCAR team have been issued with an infraction after the Sprint Cup race in Daytona on Sunday. The Stewart-Haas Racing team failed a post-race inspection which means that they have to be penalised. The Chevrolet car driven by Busch during the rain hit race had more than the maximum separation on the track bar. This had consequences for Busch and his team after Busch managed a third place finish in the race.

The crew chief Daniel Knost had a fine of $10,000 for allowing the vehicle to race with this infraction. There were other consequences as well. Busch himself was docked ten drivers points and Gene Haas docked ten owners points. This meant that Busch dropped down in the points standings, dropping from 24th to 26th. However, this year the points have less importance with the qualifications for the Chase no longer being based on points but on race wins. Kurt Busch has had a win this season, when he crossed the line in first position at the Martinsville Speedway in Virginia in March, which was his first victory at the track since 2002 and his first while part of the Stewart-Haas team. This means that he has a high chance of qualifying for the Chase.

The race this weekend was thrilling with massive wrecks and the weather playing a big part. This led to a surprise pole position as well as a surprise winner as well. It was more about taking chances in the wet and avoiding the pile ups rather than due to speed this week. It made for an exciting race, but rather disappointing for fans who only got to see one qualifying session and then had to wait for the main race to be run on Sunday as the weather did not allow it to go ahead beforehand.

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