No Hard Feelings Towards RTA says NASCAR President

The newly formed Race Team Alliance (RTA) is a mixture of some of the biggest teams in the NASCAR series. Nine teams have joined together to form a group which they will help to deal with issues facing the sport and on other initiatives. There were thoughts that the team may not be looked upon favourably by everyone.

Mike Helton, the President of NASCAR spoke out about the alliance on Friday at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. He said that NASCAR will continue in the way that they have always done with each car owner having their own voice. He confirmed that NASCAR did not know about plans to form the group and that they believed that the way that they do motorsports works perfectly well.

The RTA will be chaired by Rob Kauffman who is the co-owner of Michael Waltrip Racing. He was elected by the group. The goals of group include finding ways to lower costs for all of the teams as they may be able to share resources and get economies of scale on larger orders. Kauffman was eager to explain that the idea behind the group was not to form a union but merely to create one voice for the group to share opinions on issues.

The group has not yet made any other statements and nothing else is know about its current motives. It could be that it is still deciding itself on how things will work and it is likely that in the next few months there could be more information about them. It has also been said that the group will extend to all teams in the future as well, but at the moment is just made up of the nine largest teams in NASCAR.

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